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Charles & Keith was founded by brothers Charles and Keith Wong in 1996. Today, Charles & Keith is a fast fashion brand that designs, manufactures and retails their own brand of ladies footwear and accessories. Charles & Keith Group possesses a unique portfolio of three modern and sophisticated brands - Charles & Keith, Charles & Keith Signature Label and Pedro. In June 2007, Charles & Keith Signature Label was first introduced in Singapore and differentiates with a touch of poise and elegance. Pedro was introduced in 2006 with men’s collection offering an array of contemporary footwear, bags, belts, wallets and ties. In 2008, Pedro unveiled the women’s footwear collection followed by an exquisite range of handbags in 2011.

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Companies that adopt an innovator strategy seek to be unique and an innovator in its industry. Charles and Keith’s unique selling point in this fashion industry is its unique products and the delivery of it. The retail stores concept has trademarked Charles and Keith in a modern elegant light, making it a premium brand. The concept stores captivates senses and luxurious store façade, which offers shoppers a spectacular shopping experience with an epitome of sophisticated modern elegance with a sleek and superior furnishing. The company has abilities to interpret trends in the fast fashion industry that highlights its unique competency and galvanizes its business model, allowing it to surface as a leading shoe brand in Singapore and the…show more content…
Charles and Keith mentioned that about 20 new products are designed and produced weekly. The company can reward employees base on the success factor of each product. Since the profit of the company generally derives from the products they sell, innovation of new products is crucial to their business model. However, innovation often comes about in an unexpected situation. Employees should not hoard ideas for personal benefits, yet be free to generate and share ideas. To avoid such mindset of intending to earn incentives payouts, Charles and Keith can reward employees not for the future inventions, but for the recent past innovation. This means the company can compensate employees retrospectively when innovation proves successful, such as tying incentive pay to the sales figures for new products. For example, as the team develops and launch a new product, the company may reward and recognize the team effort by rewarding incentives base on the sales figures or acceptance of the new

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