Charles And The Lottery Comparison Essay

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Between the two stories, “Charles,” and, “The Lottery,” there were many differences and similarities between these two stories. They are both written by Shirley Jackson, which could contribute to their similarities. There are three differences and three similarities that really stand out. First, the similarities between the two short stories. One big similarity is foreshadowing. This took place in both articles, for, “Charles,” an example of foreshadowing is when he had to think who misbehaved and said than finally said, “Charles.” An example of foreshadowing in, “The Lottery,” is when Old Man Warner says, “ Lottery in June, corn be heavy soon.” This can indicate that the people of the village are sacrificing a human, which they are.…show more content…
In, “Charles,” there is very little detail about what is going on around the characters. However, in, “The Lottery,” there is a lot of detail about how the town is, what they do in the square, what everyone is doing, and the current weather. Another difference is the tone. In, “Charles,” it is comical because funny things happen. But, as for, “The Lottery,” there is a serious, stern tone because the lottery is no laughing matter and it meant someone’s death. The final key difference is symbolism which is thoroughly used throughout, “The Lottery.” A few examples for the lottery are the black dot and black box. They both symbolise death because in literature, black is used to hint at some sort of death. Getting the black dot symbolised your death. These are the three key differences present in, “The Lottery.” As for, “Charles,” symbolism is not nearly used as much as in, “The Lottery.” It is straightforward with not as much symbolism. The only case of symbolism is how Charles symbolises Laurie and his behaviors. The main thing to focus on is that symbolism is abundantly clear in, “The Lottery,” however, not in, “Charles. That is one of three differences mentioned
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