Charles Blow And Sherman Alexie Analysis

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Charles Blow and Sherman Alexie are both influential in how they feel about reading. Through this they are influencing others through their passages. Alexie writes that he enjoys reading because of his dad. Blow writes that he enjoys reading because of going through the store. They both share a common interest of reading. In this way, they have differences how they view reading, but they also have a same love as well. Alexie shows that he loves reading by telling, “My father loved books, and since I loved my father with an aching devotion, I decided to love books as well.” So, what he is saying is that because his father loved books. Since he was achingly devoted with love for his father he was also willing to be devoted to reading. He explains in his article that reading and writing to him was important because he was an…show more content…
It was a book.” This shows us that you don’t have to be inspired by anyone to learn habits. This became one of Blow’s habits because when he went to the store, on their way to the toy section, they went through the book section. He started stopping at that section and so he developed his interest for reading. He and his family did not have much money, so when they could find free books to take home, they would find some that they would enjoy. Through this experience he learned how fundamental reading is for him. They are similar because they share the love of reading. For example Alexie loves reading because his father loved reading. On the other, Blow loves reading because of going to the store. They have similar stories as how they learned to read. They both taught themselves to read. Each taught themselves differently though. Alexie taught himself through comic books, while Blow taught himself through books in the stores. They are similar but still have
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