Charles Bolden Biography

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Charles F. Bolden was born in August 19, 1946 in Columbia, SC. He is 69 years old and he is still leaving to this day. He went to C.A. Johnson High School. There is really nothing about his early life or any childhood.

Mr. Charles education and adult life was a lot that he did. He graduated for C.A. Johnson High School in 1968. He went to the University of Southern California in 1977.He also went to Naval Test Pilot School at Patuxent River, MD and went to Naval Academy. He got a MS in system management in The University of Southern California in 1977.He got a BS in electrical science from U.S. Naval Academy in 1968. Then he graduated from Naval Academy. In 1979 he graduated from Naval Test Pilot School.

Mr. Bolden had three types of careers. He was a Marine Crop, and he became a general. He became a commissioned as a second lieutenant in the marine crop. Then later He became a NASA astronaut but first he had to training to go in space. The latter he became the mission leader for NASA. Then NASA put him as a NASA administrator. He had developed a space launch system rocket. He has also designed a Naval aviator in May 1970. Mr. Bolden had a good career and invented some stuff in part of his life.
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Bolden has had accomplishments, achievements, and goals that he did and completed them. When he was in the marine crop he commissioned as a second lieutenant. He than later became the 12th administrator at the national aeronautics and space administration. He wa a selected astronaut candidate in 1980. Then he became an astronaut for NASA in 1981. In 1962 and june 1993 Bolden was surveying as a assistant deputy administrator for NASA. These are accomplishments, achievements, and goals that Mr. Bolden has done in his life
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