Charles Carroll: The Wealthiest Man In America?

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Did you know Charles Carroll was the only Catholic to sign the declaration of independence? Or that at that time was known as the wealthiest man in America? Charles Carroll was born September 19, 1737 in Annapolis, Maryland and, as a child he was so sick that it was thought he would not live past his childhood. At the age of 8 his dad took him to France for Catholic schooling because at the time all Catholics were denied any kind of political,religious,or educational freedom. Charles attended St.Omer for six years then after that when on to do six more years of college. The after that he went to London where he studied law for another six years,then at the age of 26 he went home to Maryland only now he could speak French fluently and was a accomplished horseman. When he got home his dad gave him Carrollton manor that is why he is called Charles Carroll of Carrollton. . Now I would like to talk a little bit about his family. Charles was the son of a tobacco planter who 's name was also Charles Carroll and his mother 's name was Elizabeth Brook he also had a brother named John. Because Charles was born when his parents were not married we was born illegally. Then at the age of 30 he married his cousin Mary Darnall in June 1768. Before his wife passed in 1782 they had 7 kids but only 3 made it passed infancy. Those three were…show more content…
As you know he was only the Catholic to sign the Declaration Of Independence at the age of 38. He was elected to the continental congress on july 4th 1776 and was a delegate until 1778. He was too late to vote in the favor of the Declaration Of Independence but was there to sign the document that survives today. He signed the Declaration Of Independence as Charles Carroll but it was pointed out to him that there are others with the name Charles Carroll so he took the pen again and signed it as Charles Carroll Of Carrollton saying “they can not mistake me
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