Charles Character Analysis Essay

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Being remarkable and having the traits that never leaves one forgotten is what can be described as a memorable character. Laure from “Charles” is an important character who has several interesting qualities that leave him outstanding to the reader. Laurie’s incredible intelligence is one such personality trait that makes him significant. Moreover, being elusive and having flaws also make him indelible for the reader. All in all, it is the combination of these traits that makes Laurie such a notable character Through extraordinary intelligence, the reader is able to understand how commendable Laurie is. In the story, Laurie explains to his parents that a boy, Charles, is getting into trouble every day at school. As the story progresses,…show more content…
During the story, Laurie is able to keep his parents manipulated and entertained. He is able to keep them very interested and asking questions about Charles’ behavior instead of having them realize what is really going on. Also, Laurie was so skilled at what he is doing, he was able to keep a similar story while only changing up the actions performed by “Charles.” For three straight months, he told stories about behavioral issues and how he was the innocent one in class. To add on, when Laurie misbehaved, he would always change up what he did and how he did it. “’ Thursday Charles had to stand in the corner during story-time because he kept pounding his feet on the floor. Friday, Charles was deprived of blackboard privileges because he threw chalk”’ By doing this, Laurie is was very unpredictable and nobody could ever guess what he would do and when. The audience finds him unforgettable through the elusive acts he performs.
In conclusion, Laurie from “Charles” is the exact definition of a noteworthy character. Due to his intelligence, elusiveness, and the ability to have flaws, readers are able to understand why Laurie is so essential. All in all, the author’s descriptions of Laurie left an indelible mark on the reader and all types of
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