Charles Darwin's Contribution To The Study Of Human Evolution

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Human evolution is the origin the human beings. It shows how far back we as humans originated. The study of evolution has developed as Homo sapiens are able to look back and find out how we originated. Without the research of many scientists such as Charles Darwin and Alfred Russell Wallace. There would have not been any explanation which explained how we share similarities with other hominids. This shows how we have diverged from one common ancestor. Charles Darwin, the father of evolution, has enabled us to find how we all have come from one common ancestor. His theory of natural selection is a process which allows genetically stronger individuals; individuals who are best suited for the environment survive and pass down their favored characteristics…show more content…
Many fossils such as the ' Mrs Ples ' and ' Little Foot ' were found there. These fossils continue to answer questions which researchers have been searching for many years. These archaeological sites do draw much needed attention to the study of human evolution, locally but also internationally. As Africa, has been acknowledged for having rich source of fossils and artefacts. Much collaboration is occurring now. International and local researchers are working together to find the most accurate information and developing the information for understanding the study of human evolution. Archaeological sites do show the significance and interpretation of information found. This being important as it enables everybody to have access to the knowledge to how we have become the modern Homo sapiens we are today. The value of the fossils and artefacts is important as this information is vital as it will enable people to understand our origins but most importantly the study of human evolution. It is important for modern humans to understand this information as the study of human evolution will continue to change throughout time. We, as Homo sapiens are evolving
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