Charles Darwin And Darwin's Theory Of Human Evolution

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Human evolution is the origin the human beings. It shows how far back we as humans originated. The study of evolution has developed as Homo sapiens are able to look back and find out how we originated. Without the research of many scientists such as Charles Darwin and Alfred Russell Wallace. There would have not been any explanation which explained how we share similarities with other hominids. This shows how we have diverged from one common ancestor. Charles Darwin, the father of evolution, has enabled us to find how we all have come from one common ancestor. His theory of natural selection is a process which allows genetically stronger individuals; individuals who are best suited for the environment survive and pass down their favored characteristics…show more content…
Revolutionary findings such as bipedalism, the understanding to how and why as Homo sapiens began to walk upright on two feet. Finding significant information as this has also allowed scientists and people to obtain the other traits we as humans share with the living apes.
As more information began to surface. It was becoming more transparent that we do share common characteristics with other hominids. This is indication of biological evolution. Many of the fossils found have shown that we had descended with modification as most of the fossils were different from one other but this is because they had to adapt to their own surroundings to survive but in fact we do come from a common ancestor.
As biological evolution continues to change, the environment too changes. As the environment changes, it becomes an influence. The hominid has to change to adapt to the new environment and this is a reference to Darwin's natural selection. If an animal does not adapt, they will not survive long enough to reproduce and pass on their genetic make-up. This is how evolution occurs. Frequent changes such as these cause genetic variation, mutations and
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The Blombas Caves is found in the Western Cape of South Africa. It is a site which has made discovery of two pieces of ochre engraves with abstract designs, 75,000 year old beads made from Nassarius shells and 80,000 year old bone tools. This engraved artwork is the oldest know artwork. Artwork which has been found in archaeological sites usually tells researchers much more about the culture of the people but also the people who lived there. It provides information about how they lived, did they perform similar customs which modern humans perform today. Are there any influences or similarities in current cultures? Questions such as these are then answered when new information is found. Researchers are given an opportunity to now add new information to make a certain time in period
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