Similarities Between Darwinism And Creationism

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Scientists believed that life began 3.5 billion years ago when chemicals containing carbon were mixed by chance. They combined to become living things. Each generation of living things can be delicately different from the last one. Over a long period, these small alteration become big disparity. This is evolution. Nearly five million years ago, human evolved from hominids or great apes. They were bipedal, walking on two legs. Scientists have called them Homo sapiens which is
Latin for ‘thinking man’. They were always on the move searching for food and hunting wild creatures. But the Holy Bible explains how the wonderful diversity came about when God created the world, that on the third day He created ponds, on the fifth day the fishes
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And that was believed literally by all. Life on earth varies enormously. The thousands of millions of living things live in a very large range of different habitats and conditions from the hottest of deserts and rainforests to the warm seas and cold oceans to the frozen Antarctic. But the most indurate question, does the evolution of the biological diversity on earth came from a belief of Darwinism or a Creationism theory? Either of the two, whether which side you support, all creatures can be extinct, it is a fact that no one will be alive for a very long time.
At the age of twenty-two, Charles Darwin, who is a fanatic collector of insects, began his adventurous journey. He crossed the Antarctic, and to Brazil, he went to the south and he reached the Pacific. On September 1835, in his incredible voyage, Darwin reached the Galapagos
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Some of the animals will have traits that the breeder wants to preserve. In artificial selection, humans select animals over centuries, but nature takes hundreds of millions of years. So, the different breeds of dogs are considered to be different species because they cannot interbreed for mechanical reasons.
David Attenborough, who presented in the movie, “Charles Darwin and The Tree of Life”, saw the biggest flower and the biggest creature in the world which is the blue whale. He discovered a thousand of bats, 200 different kinds of monkeys, 315 humming birds, 350,000 species of beetles and a quarter million of flowers in which a variety is astounding. He said that
Charles Darwin revolutionized in how we see the world. In his book, “The Origin of Species” (1859), he showed how creatures have developed through ‘natural selection’. They compete for resources such as food, water and shelter. The weaker ones die while the strong survivors slowly evolve over generations as they adjust to any changes in their environment. It’s a matter of adaptation and death. Throughout history, there have been many changes. These constant changes can create conflict as people try to
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