Charles Darwin The Race Of Man Analysis

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Charles Darwin’s essay, “The Race of Man”, is a scientific explanation for the similarities among humans, proving that each race man is not subdivided into individual species but closely resembles subspecies or races. Darwin uses his theory of evolution to explain why there is a multitude of similarities in the development and inventive minds of all races, yet any observed differences are negligible. Furthermore, most differences that are visible in man today “cannot be of much importance” (217), since, alternatively, if such differences were important, natural selection would have either “fixed and preserved or eliminated” (217) any distinction. The causation for the resemblances in all races of man is explicitly explained by Darwin. Charles Darwin describes the distinct descendants of man by comparing it to the descendants of domesticated animals. Charles Darwin questions, “whether the various races have arisen from one or more species” (213), he states, “the domesticated races of the dog, for instance, have acquired their present amount of differences since someone species was first domesticated by man” (213) while on the other hand for man, “no such question can arise, for he cannot be said to have domesticated at any particular time” (213). Asking this for animals is relevant due to their domestication and the various stock used for the animals, while for man, there is no such distinction, making it clear that humanity must have descended from one stock. Therefore,
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