Charles Darwin's Theory Of Natural Selection

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The theory of evolution is one of the greatest biological revolutions in human history, drastically changing our view of the world and our place in it. Charles Darwin put forth a theory of evolution and collected a great deal of evidence in support of this theory. Which later became known as the theory of Natural Selection. In Darwin 's time, most scientists believed that each creature and adaptation was the work of their creator. Linnaeus established the system of classification that we use today, and did so in the goal of cataloging God 's creations. In other words, all of the similarities and differences among species that are the result of the branching process creating the great tree of life.

The leading scientist of the 18th century
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This is how adaptations come and are kept. Natural selection is the fundamental theory for all life. A comprehension of natural selection opens a window of clarity enabling an understanding of any phenomenon in the living world. As amazing as natural selection is, unfortunately, it is sometimes mistaken. A common misconception is that natural selection occurs mainly through the differences between organisms in death rates. Selection normally proceeds in a much more quiet and inconspicuous way. Whenever one organism makes more successful offspring than another animal, in time the stronger genes will come to dominate the population gene pool. Eventually, the genotype leaving fewer offspring will become extinct in a stable population, unless changes confer an advantage on it as it becomes limited. Ultimately, natural selection operates only by reproductive success. Often, natural selection is couched in terms of differential death rates, with the strongest and fastest animals considered as having an advantage over weaker and slower animals. But, if this were the story, every species would gain in strength and speed throughout time. Because this is not the case, selection against increased strength and speed must be happening and limit the…show more content…
Seeing how Darwin’s finches different from each other even though they are the same species, it makes sense to believe that evolution is possible. Even humans are evolving. Our jaws are becoming shorter and there 's less space for wisdom teeth to grow. Looking back into history, there is also the ideas about Native Americans who lived in Arizona or the people of the Arctic. Their ideas must have been completely different to be able to survive in extreme
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