The Role Of Creationism In Charles Darwin's Theory Of Evolution

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Nowadays, we all acknowledge that human, as a species, evolves from other species like chimpanzee and also the concept of natural selection for which the fittest will survive and live on. But such concepts were not wildly accepted or even notified by anyone until the publication of the book on the origin of species written by Charles Darwin back in 1859. Charles Darwin (1809-1882), an English naturalist geologist and biologist, best known for his contribution to the evolutionary theory, proposed a brand new theory back then which he stated that all species of creatures descends from common ancestors. Overcoming a lot of criticisms and rejections, Darwin’s theory of evolution has been wildly accepted by the 1870s and has been the foundation…show more content…
The mainstream ideas back in the time is the creationism which is upheld by the church and the Pope. The idea of creationism origins from the story in the book of Genesis, describing how God brings the Universe into being in a series of creative acts over six days and places the first man and woman in a divine garden and how God destroys the world with a disastrous flow of flood while saving representatives of all kinds of creatures in the Noah’s ark. Religious reason plays an important role in the prevalence of creationism as refers to Turner’s words, “Creationists have won press attention and converts, in part, by injecting their story with myths and values that hold broad cultural appeal” (Turner). Creationism has been a kind of drug that manipulate people’s mind and soul, stopping them to move forward as a whole. With the central power of the Church and advocates from the devotees, bringing up a fresh theory opposed to the creationism seems impossible, but the seed of evolution theory has already sprouted out, slowly but…show more content…
After vast of observations, Huxley discovered a strong natural selection of the thickness of the shells to the intense growing amount of crabs. The thickness of the shell is an essential parameter for measuring the ability to self-protection as crabs rely on the shell as their supply for food. The observation accords with the hypothesis for the crab was introduced to the island, the range of shell thickness increased compared to the same type of shell whose occupation has not yet been invaded by the crab. This morphological differences in their shell thicknesses occurred because of the natural selection of the crab to a thinner shell. Although Huxley’s research is a great, heritability is not being mentioned in this research as one the three most essential conditions, underlying the whole Darwin’s evolutionary theory. Huxley has yet demonstrated the increasing of shell thickness but he did not provide evidence that the shell thickness has been inherited by the next or the further generations. There are also people who do not believe in Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. Darwin still had religious thoughts, but changed most of them to focus more on his theory. His theory has been a big controversy throughout the years
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