Charles Darwin's Theory Of Evolution And Natural Selection

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There are many theories of evolution that have emerged even before Charles Darwin 's time. Surprisingly, many of the theories, including Darwin 's own, were spot on to what we know today. In fact, Charles Darwin 's grandfather, Erasmus Darwin, had the idea that species evolved from a common ancestor. Of course, Darwin is the most famous theorists of all with his theory of natural selection. Darwin is also the only one of the many evolution theorists to have evidence of evolution and natural selection. Darwin 's theory of evolution is supported by a multitude of evidence that he found, observed, or dug up on his expedition on the H.M.S. Beagle.

Before Darwin had even begun thinking about the origin of species, or even before humans, dinosaurs and multicellular organisms, life had to begin somewhere. “Once liquid water was present, organic compounds could be formed from inorganic materials. All living matter is organic, as are the building blocks of life such as sugars and amino acids.” [1] We still do not know exactly how life began, but we do have many hypotheses such as the organic molecule hypothesis and the more commonly supported meteorite hypothesis. Minerals and gases that were in the Earth 's crust seeped into the ocean. “It 's impossible to know how or when, but somehow these chemicals come together to create life.” [2] The first life in the oceans was single-celled, prokaryotic bacteria. The first eukaryotic cells are thought to have formed through

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