Charles Darwin's Theory Of Evolution

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On Darwin’s theories and works
Abstract: Charles Darwin was one of the most influential people in science of 19th century, and took up a very important place in history of science. His theory of evolution has become one of the core ideas of modern biology. This paper discusses Darwin’s theory of evolution and his main works, as well as Darwinism’s influence on Christian theology, modern science and society.
Keywords: Darwin; theory of evolution; natural selection; Christian theology; Darwinism; Social Darwinism

1. Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution and natural selection Refer to theory of evolution, people think of Charles Darwin immediately. Darwin was considered to be one of the greatest thinkers in 19th century for his ideas about
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However, Darwin told them that they were not created by god but evolved from animals with scientific way. Darwin’s theory was a great challenge to Christian theology. His theory of natural selection was also a great impact on divine design. The conflicts between Darwinism and theology are always there, and lead to many debates between them, including the famous debate between the biologist Thomas Huxley, a supporter of Darwin’s theories, and Wilberforce, the Bishop of Oxford at the meeting of the British Association for the Advancement of Science at Oxford in 1860; and in 1920s in America there were the “monkey trial (Scopes Trail)” and “trail of the century”. With the development of science, some theories of Darwin have become accepted facts. And in science the fact is the truth.[4] For hundreds of years, people’s minds were imprisoned by theology. However, Darwin’s theories had changed people’s way of knowing the world that with a scientific view to discover the world. In a sense, Darwin’s theory of evolution is a revolutionary breakthrough in natural…show more content…
Natural selection and Social Darwinism
Darwin’s theory of natural selection indicates that there are competitions for survival between animals, and he once applied this theory about competition into human society in his book The descent of man. For this reason, Darwin was sort of one of the founders of Social Darwinism. Nevertheless, he didn’t overemphasize the competition between the same spices, natural selection doesn’t equal to competition. [6] “The farther of Social Darwinism” is the man called Herbert Spencer, he interpreted the “natural selection” as “survival of the fittest”. People made different interpretations on Social Darwinism and use it on their own purposes. In China, Yan Fu translated Huxley’s Evolutions and Ethnics and titled《天演论》to inspire Chinese people to strive to be strong, and this book was actually added his own ideas of social Darwinism. Adolf Hitler used Social Darwinism as one of his excuses and started the Second World War. It seemed that Social Darwinism make killing people rational. Social Darwinism was also connected with racial discrimination. In general, Social Darwinism emphasizes the competition in society. Though social Darwinism was criticized by many voices, it still has great influence on the modern
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