Explanation Of Charles Darwin's Theory Of Evolution

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The Theory of Evolution is a well supported explanation for how all of the world’s current organisms came to be. Charles Darwin originally founded the concept that all current living organisms came from past, shared ancestors. Along with the theory of the Big Bang, there is a wealth of evidence supporting the fact that we come from common, shared ancestors. When looking at many small scale micro-evolutions, you can see that over time there is evidence leading to full macroevolution. I believe that evolution is the true explanation of how we came to, I believe that we all came from common, shared ancestors. Octopi have been seen in observation to change how they use their RNA to code for proteins. The octopi change their RNA, in order to have different proteins produced, however it could be beneficial to them. While this is not any large scale change, it proves that there are possibilities of change within animals, which can lead to large scale differentiation…show more content…
It is just proven through scientific observation, that the fittest forms of animals are seen to live longer, and have a higher chance of surviving birth, and further on to mate and spread their genes. “Once isolated, geographically separated groups of individuals become genetically differentiated as a consequence of mutation and other processes, including natural selection. The origin of a species is often a gradual process, so that at first the reproductive isolation between separated groups of organisms is only partial, but it eventually becomes complete.” (Academy) The evidence behind natural selection, and differential breeding seen shows that there is logical reasoning behind the theory of evolution. If you take two species, and have them change ever so much over time separately that if you were to put them back into the same habitat, and they would not mate with each other, you could claim that they are now a different

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