Charles Dickens 'Adaptation Of The Movie A Christmas Carol'

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A Compare and Contrast Essay

“I will honor Christmas in my heart and try to keep it all the year.”(Dickens, 16). In this movie, A Christmas Carol, it is full of emotion and drama. Scrooge does not like Christmas until the three spirits help him see the true meaning of the season. The play and the movie are very similar in helping us through the story. There are only a few differences that we will discuss.
In the play, there are more descriptions of each character trying to help us create a picture of who we are reading about along with the setting. With the movie, we are able to see where the movie is taking place and what the characters look like. For the most part, both do a great job of getting the point of the story Charles Dickens is trying to get across.
First, a ghost named Jacob Marley appeared to come out of the wall in the home of Scrooge (Dickens, 3). Marley, who used to be a good friend and business partner to Scrooge, introduces us to Scrooge by calling him tightfisted and solitary as an
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As you can see the film is almost in the exact structure as the play. The biggest difference that I found between the book and movie is that Scrooge does not go to church near the end of the story. I think this is where the movie takes a turn and starts to show a softer, more caring side of Scrooge. His character is starting to realize that money is not everything and that family is more important. The other difference that I would like to point out is when Scrooge and the Ghost of Christmas Future go to the cemetery where he falls into his grave. This is important to the story because Scrooge gets to meet the old Scrooge and he slaps him in the face. It is like he is slapping the reality of what he had done in the past of treating people unkindly. It is now that he realizes he must change his ways in order to make amends with the
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