Charles Dickens And James Joyce

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I belive that Both Charles Dickens and James Joyce incorporate dialogue into their passages is that Both the short stories are trying to say that both of them have a strong dialoge between In A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man I believe the dialogue used by the character Stephen shows that the boy is not eager for conversation with his peers. His brief answers to the questions asked by Fleming in 4-7 show that either he is nervous about saying the wrong thing or is just not in the mood to talk and that he would rather that the other boys leave him alone and not try to engage him in conversation. Whenever someone is eager to avoid conversation they tend to make responces short and terse as apposed to long and expressive. Another clue that reveals that Stephen is not eager to talk is that he responds "I don 't know," to the first question that was asked by Fleming. If he had been eager to engage in conversation with one of his peers he would have thought of a more expressive or informational response then infering that he did not know or was not willing to share why he was acting strange. When someone responds to a question with "I 'don 't know" the person asking the question tends to cut off the conversation entirely for lack of a responce to such a abstract reply, therefore people use the phrase "I don 't know,"or more currently "Idk," to, perhaps, let the peer know that they are not eager to engage in conversation at the moment. The dialogue used by the character

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