Charles Dickens Character Analysis

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“If they would rather,... they had better do it, and decrease the surplus population.” From the words of Ebenezer Scrooge one can see that he does not he does not care for people. He is a very cruel man. Charles Dickens was a good writer that cared a lot about the poor. When he was a boy, his parents sent him to a union workhouse because his father got put in debtors prison. He worked in a blacking factory. Blacking was used for cleaning shoes. After his father got out of debtors prison, his mother kept him in the workhouse. He had a painful childhood, having to work all of the time and that is where he got his compassion for the poor. The world of Charles Dickens is best understood through his own life, Industrialised London, and scriptures concerning the poor. Charles Dickens is a talented author who wrote books about the poverty. All of his books were inexpensive because his heart was to make them affordable for all classes of people. He wrote Oliver Twist which is a book about a boy who does not know his mother because she died at his birth. Oliver Twist is poor and has to work at different workhouses. The labor he endured was hard. He ran away and chose to live on the streets of London. Charles also wrote a book called A Christmas Carol which is a story about a man named Scrooge who was very cold hearted. One night after Scrooge fell asleep, he met three ghosts and they all teach him various lessons. During the visits from these ghosts, Scrooge faces the hardships
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