Charles Dickens Literary Analysis

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Charles Dickens has gone down in history as one of the greatest writers of his time. Dickens unique writing style allowed him to write masterpieces filled symbolism that connect his tales to both society and the past. Many of his works were based off what he witnessed and lived through during his lifetime. For much of his career, Charles struggled to earn a steady income from his writing due to his deep debt and largely uneducated audience. The Victorian era was abounding with societal issues as the world strove to become increasingly modern. Charles Dickens was affected by societal issues brought on by the revolution early in his life, so he sought to illuminate civil infractions through his works in order that social transformation could…show more content…
The story is split between London and France as a tumultuous series of events seem to draw the two cities together. The narrative starts with a mysterious summons delivered to Jarvis Lorry with the ominous words, “Recalled to Life (Cite).” Lorry takes Lucie Manette to Paris where he visits a small wine shop. Inside they meet a French couple named the Defarges and venture into a dark back room where they find a haggard shoe maker. The shoe maker turns out to Lucy’s father, Dr. Manette, who was wrongfully imprisoned in the Bastille for many years. Dr. Manette is recalled from his insanity when he compares his daughters golden hair with his wife’s locks of hair which he has kept for 18 years. After returning to England, Lucy meets and forms a deep love for Charles Darnay, who had been saved from certain death by his doppleganger, Sydney Carton after he was falsely accused of being a spy. Lucy is the object of both Charles’s and Sydney’s adoration, but Carton is lowly and miserable, while Darnay is rich and amable. Lucie and Darnay eventually marry, and Carton has a change of heart and vows that he would do anything for Lucy. Darnay is called back to France shortly after to cover for a former servant who was on trial. Upon reaching France, Darnay is labeled an aristocrat and emigrant and thrown into jail. Consequently, Dr. Manette, Lucy, Carton, Lorry, and…show more content…
Pip lives with his sister, Ms. Joe and her husband Joe, who works as a blacksmith. The tale opens with Pip accidentally meeting an escaped convict who threatens to kill Pip if he rats him out. Pip brings food to the meeting place the next day and is surprised to see that different convict is hiding in the graveyard. Later, while eating dinner with his family and Pip thinks his strict sister discovered the missing food and subsequently makes a run for door only to run into some soldiers. Pip, thinking that they have come to arrest him for helping the convict, believes all hope is lost. The soldiers then explain that they need assistance with the mending of a broken set of iron handcuffs since they hope to catch two convicts. Joe mends the cuffs and Pip joins them as track throughout the quagmire searching for the convicts, both of which they find. A few weeks later, Pip is sent to Satis house where he meets a sharp, yet beautiful girl named Estella and a heartbroken old woman whose only request is for Pip to play in front of her. As time goes by Pip falls deeper, and deeper in love with Estella and he starts to feel shame for his rough clothing and hands. Estella leaves to go study abroad and Pip is surprised to learn that a mysterious benefactor will help him become a gentleman in London. In London, Pip lives with his friend Herbert who renamed him, Handel. A month after Pip is
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