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After engaging in work at the mere age of twelve years old, Charles Dickens acquired experiences that allowed him to develop into the phenomenal fictional author known today. Dickens arrived in the world on February 7, 1812 in Landport near Portsmouth, England. He proceeded to grow up in Gadshill Place, England prior to his gaining of a job. Charles Dickensfamily experienced financial difficulties, leading his father to imprisonment for debt. Consequently, Dickens left at the age of twelve to live with a woman who boarded children, while his family, excluding his father, relocated to Marshalsea. During his residency with the elderly woman, Charles Dickens worked in a shoe blacking warehouse in the effort to drive his father out of debt. As …show more content…

Charles Dickens attained his education through his mother and at a preparatory day-school. Additionally, Dickens attended Wellington House Academy from the year 1824 through 1826 as formal education. His schooling subsided after having to begin work at a blacking warehouse at only twelve years old to ease his father’s debt. Dickens earned six shillings per week. At fifteen years old, Charles Dickens began to work as an attorney’s clerk until 1828 when he abandoned the occupation. In 1832, he worked as a journalist for newspapers including the True Sun and, in 1835, the Morning Chronicle. By 1846, Dickens played the role of the first editor for the London Daily News. Furthermore, from 1833 to 1835, founded and acted as an editor for the magazine Household Works. He represented the same position from 1859 to 1870 for the magazine All Year Round. In the midst of his writing, Charles Dickens commenced acting in amateur theatricals during 1845 to initiate his performing career. However, the only performing Dickens pursued happened to be the public readings of his works in 1858 and the continuation of performances from 1867 to 1868 on his second excursion to America. Evidently, Charles Dickens’ journalism ignited his writing career where he proceeded to produce a multitude of commendable

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