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Charles Dickens grew up out of a larger family from England. He had a very rough childhood. He had to begin working at a very young age because he had to help support his family. He ended up back in school then dropping out, this is a significant point in his life. This is what started off his career as a writer. He wrote many great novels throughout her life time. He spent his last years writing Italy pictures.
Charles Dickens was born on February 7, 1812, in Portsmouth, Hampshire, England. He grew up out of a large family, the second out of eight. He was original from a middle class; one grandfather had a domestic servant, and the other an embezzler. His father, John Dickens, was a naval clerk who dreamed of striking it rich. When Dickens was just 12 years old his father had a dangerous habit. This forced the family to move to the more poor part of London, following this even, John had been sent to prison because he could not pay off his debt.
At age 15 he had to drop out of High School, he went and became a solicitors office and then he went and became a shorthand reporter for the law courts. These years left him with a lasting affection for journalism and contempt both for the law and
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A year after this he started to contribute stories and essays to the magazines and newspapers. In 1836 he reprinted the sketches of “Boz”, he was invited to provide comic serial narrative to accompany engravings. Seven weeks later since he was invited to so the engraving, Pickwick was the rage and Dickens the most popular author of the day. He also wrote two plays at this time, a pamphlet on topical issues of the poor and resigned from his newspaper job, and took in an edit of monthly magazine which is when he wrote Oliver Twist. At the same time the first of his nine children had been born, he also married Catherine at this time. She is the eldest daughter of the Scottish journalist George
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