Charles Dickens Research Paper

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One popular reason for an author to write a book is to express their viewpoint on a specific subject. Charles Dickens, considered to be one of the greatest novelists in the Victorian era, often inserted his viewpoints on various subjects such as social class and child abuse in his novels. Although a lot of his books focused on social issues in the Victorian era, the romance in his novels is quite notable too. Dickens’ viewpoint on love was heavily influenced by the women in his life, and the female characters in his novels show characteristics of the many women that he associated with. When Dickens was a young man, he fell in love with Maria Beadnell. Their love for each other was passionate, but when Maria’s father found out, he disapproved of their relationship and sent Maria off to school in France. When Maria returned, she ended the courtship between her and Dickens because she didn’t love Dickens as much as she used to anymore(Rearick).…show more content…
Pip’s love for Estella is strong and passionate. So passionate, in fact, that Pip wants to change everything about himself if it means that he can win Estella’s heart.To show Pip that he will never be able to reach Estella, Miss Havisham ends up sending Estella to France to finish school. Even though Estella is out of reach, Pip is still somehow attached to her. His way of loving almost matches Miss Havisham’s definition of love; Miss Havisham believes that love is “blind devotion, unquestioning self-humiliation, trust, and belief against yourself and against the whole world, giving up your whole heart and soul to the smiter”(Dickens, 240). Pip will do anything to be with Estella, even if it means that he will abandon his old
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