Charles Dickens: Social And Moral View Of Victorian Society

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This project is about the social and moral view of Victorian society through the author of many highly-acclaimed novels Charles Dickens. Social view is basically relating to society or its organisation and moral is concerned with the principles of right and wrong behaviour. Dickens was not only the first great novelist in England, but he was also a great reflector and critic of economic, social and moral life of Victorian era. He showed empathy towards the ignored and disadvantaged segments of the English society, and contributed to several important social reforms.
In Dickens' work, it is frequently very hard for characters to know for certain what class individuals have a place
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This obviously gives incredible breadth for misleading, lie and self-duplicity – and for comic mistaken assumptions. In the season of Charles dickens, 204 million individuals took after the Christian convictions. This is around 20% of the 1000 million individuals of the total populace. In the nineteenth century, an ever-increasing number of individuals ended up noticeably religious. For instance, from 1850 to 1890 religion adherence rates developed by 12%. People additionally didn't need to take after a religion and Darwin wasn't a to a great degree religious individual either. Christianity being the most conspicuous religion implied that Dickens could utilize quotes or stories frame the book of scriptures as his peruses would get the reference. The most disdained religious gathering were the Jews thus Dickens exploited that to create negative characters in his books. In his works, Charles Dickens demonstrates his aversion of zeal and Roman Catholicism, at the same time, particularly in his fiction, he is extremely hesitant to
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