Charles Dickens Social Change To Society

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Charles Dickens Social Change to Society “There is no such thing as Death, though there be a thing called Change.” (Haggard). Throughout our literature, we have come upon many world-renowned authors who have shaped our society into what it is today. Among those authors, the one that truly sticks out as the most influential is Charles Dickens. Throughout his work of A Christmas Carol, and David Copperfield, Charles Dickens shows us how his literature reflects society socially with how the social classes were shaped from his era to now, and how Christmas was known before his work to now, as well as changing how child labor works from his era to now. Charles Dickens was born in 1812 and died in 1870. (Prentice Hall Literature, page 994).…show more content…
(Reynolds). A Christmas Carol has shown throughout the eras that kindness to others and redemptions to not only others, but to yourself is and has become a modern template to life today. (Reynolds). People all over the world have a variety of ways in which they perceive the meaning of Christmas and how to celebrate it, but when reading A Christmas Carol everyone comes to terms with one another and realizes they all have and wish for the same expectations in the end, which is telling and spreading the true meaning of Christmas. A Christmas Carol has also made a huge impact on how we perceive society socially, and what the outcome is when we act the way we act because of it. A Christmas Carol has shown how individuals such as Scrooge have the capability of changing society and themselves for the better. (Reynolds). This book also has made a gargantuan influence on how we look at the heavy class distinctions and how the social classes that were against each other are now coming together for the benefit of allowing our country to be one once again. There is no reason to dislike one another because of how much money you have or how poor someone is. In the end we are all the same, we are all humans, and we need one another in order to survive. The ghosts in the book were made to be supernatural beacons to show the living how the social change is wanted to be able to avoid paths in which they have taken, to ultimately save the lives of everyone living that lifestyle. (Reynolds). A Christmas Carol accomplished showing the reasons of why people should be for social change and not against it by using stereotypical representations of both real life people, and ghosts, and
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