Charles Dickens: The Struggles And Hardships Of Life

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Charles Dickens is an inspiring English author. He’s known for writing about the struggles and hardships of life. He was also a person with issues of his own. Charles Dickens inspired a nation with his writings by showing others that they’re not the only ones with issues. That all people can succeed if they work hard. He was proof of that. Charles Dicken’s full name was Charles John Huffam Dickens. He was born is 1812, and died in 1870. He was considered by many people as the greatest English novelist in the 19th century (“Charles Dickens”). He born and raised on the coast of England in Portsmouth. His father had a good position in the work industry in the British Navy at a pay office. Although this was a good position it didn’t give him a…show more content…
His characters have a way of making you feel what they are feeling. Almost as if they were real. His characters have the ability to drawl us in. Charles Dickens is known for writing about the treatment of the poor compared to the rich (“Charles Dickens”), the struggles of young men, orphans, and about children who have grown up to stay alive in this world (Nelson 199). Although he writes all of these serious books about people in awful situation he has also written funny books. All of his books are very persuasive by showing the audience that they need to change the way they are (“Charles Dickens”). Most of his books have allusions mostly to fairy tales, or legends. One of the main things you can take away from all of his works is that we as the people are responsible for what’s happening to us (Nelson 199). Books like Oliver Twist are about a man trying to figure out his true self. In the story Hard Times he portrays both the rich and the poor. He doesn’t choose a side. They are equal. Instead he agrees with both the rich and the poor. All of his stories he writes are based on something that he believes in (Nelson
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