Pip's Coming Of Age In Charles Dickens Great Expectations

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A novel about the coming of age a boy named Pip, Great Expectation. His journey as he transitioned into a gentleman. He played the antagonist whose thoughts were changed with situations. These “great expectations” challenged his mental state and made one question his moral conducts. Was what he was doing right or wrong? He grew up from the boy who was going to become a blacksmith to someone who became self conscious about what he was going to wear. His ‘greatest expectation’ became his greatest downfall because it created an illusion of what he thought he needed when what he thought he needed was disposable. He wanted to become a gentleman. His saw that as an opportunity not only as a financial gain but to woo his love interest. He changed himself, to conform to her (Estella’s) standards. These standards cramped him. This meaning forced him to change who he was, as f he was being made uncomfortable.
When Pip acquired wealth it turned him into a bad person.
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“We were soon under the walls of which I was ashamed.”(Page 227) This unveiled how familiar Pip was with the setting“I made a foolish pretence of not at first recognising it, and then told her. As she looked at it, and drew in her head again, murmuring ‘Wretches...’(Page 227-229) In this instance it was seen that he pretended to not have known the place ‘Cheapside’ and this showed his change in character. Pip changed from an inquisitive boy to a man who became concerned about his status. He did not want to be aware of the type of environment he was in because he was familiar with the setting. He looked down upon the people and called them wretches. This showed he placed himself on a higher level than the people. “... that a grave had opened in my road of life...” (Page 235) did not only imply the death of his sister, but within the grave he lost a piece of himself. This could be seen as a part of his drifting state. This can be seen as if he lost sight of

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