Charles Esten Character Analysis

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The shocking news is out that Nashville has been canceled and now Charles Esten is speaking out about how he found out. Charles plays the part of Deacon Claybourne on this hit show. The Boot shared that Charles did an interview with Storme Warren on SiriusXM’s The Highway channel and gave details about the show and more. Charles Esten revealed that the cast found out about the show being canceled around the same time that everyone else did. He said that the news spread really fast on social networks. Esten actually found out from Nashville‘s creator and executive producer, Callie Khouri through a text message. They had already hired a new writing team for Nashville for next season. This had a few people concerned that the show would not do…show more content…
"I’m an actor, and this is what I face; this is what we all face when we’re in this business. There’s are people out there facing much harder things, so I don’t want to equate any of this with that. Having said that, it’s also people’s livelihood in this town, and it is lots of people’s hearts in this town." One thing that fans have been concerned about was if Nashville would end up ending with a ton of cliffhangers. Charles Esten did share one thing, though. They actually shot more than one ending of the show just in case this ended up happening. It sounds like the cast of Nashville had an idea the show might not come back, even though the fans were totally shocked by it. New York Times shared that Nashville is not the only show that was canceled. Several other big shows have been canceled as well including Castle and Agent Carter. Supergirl was just simply moved to a new network. Fans are very hopeful that this is what will end up happening with Nashville and that someone will save them. Are you shocked to hear that Nashville has been canceled and won 't be back again? Do you think that another network should pick up this show? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don 't miss new episodes of Nashville for the next two weeks on ABC. [Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty
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