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Charles Foster Kane, who was he really? By Thompson ... (1941) Charles Kane was a man that some of us hated or some us loved. He was a mysterious man, we know nothing of him, however we have heard of him. From friends, family, or especially in the newspaper, but who was he really? Charles Foster Kane died from mysterious causes, however his last dying word was, “Rosebud”. I interviewed different individuals who were affiliated with Charles Foster Kane to find out what this word meant. However, I was stumped in my investigation of the word, until I rummaged around at Charles Kane palace and found an antique of his. It was a sled that had the word Rosebud printed on it, I made the conclusion this was what Mr. Kane was referring too. However, what does it have to do with him, and how does it relate to him in any specific way? I dove deeper into the rabbit hole, and tried to see how far it went. After talking with a colleague of Mr. Kane, I was led to a man named Mr. Thatcher. He was an old mentor of Mr. Kane’s, whose objective was to prepare Mr. Kane to lead the company that his parents owned. I asked my Mr. Thatcher, “What was so significant about Mr. Kane’s ‘Rosebud’ sled”. Mr. Thatcher told me that, Mr. Kane, as a child used to sled on the hills of his old home in Colorado during the winter. He…show more content…
I believe Charles Kane was a misunderstood man and the only way to understand him was from the outside. For one, he was taken from his parents at a young age, to run a business that he never wanted to do. Which was why he felt he needed to destroy, “Public Transits”, to destroy the thing he hated the most. Charles Kane, also bought Xanadu, and the statues, and other materialistic items. He wanted to feel something, something he could attach to in his own way. However, I believe he never did, and died feeling melancholy and desperate, something no one would like to
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