Charles Fourier Utopian Society Summary

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Universal Goals for Charles Fourier’s Utopian Society Many of the utopian writers have themes that we can see in their writings. In Selections Describing the Phalanstery, it can be seen that Charles Fourier’s ideal utopian land focuses on the unity of its people and the efficiency of the society. He believes to be a functioning successful society everything structured within it can be broken into three categories. The first category he depicts is what is considered capital. To him, this includes things as the Phalanstery, as well as, the land it is built on and even the people within its boundaries. This area of land that he depicts is described as consisting of one square league or about nine square miles ( Within…show more content…
He wants to create a utopian community with as much diversity between its people as possible. He says that the population within this community should consist “of from 1500 to 1600 persons of graduated degrees of fortune, age, character, of theoretical and practical knowledge” (193). In doing so will create a “greater number of variations either in passions or the faculties of the members” and in doing so will create a harmonious society. He also suggests, unlike many utopian writers, that when looking for candidates to be included in this experiment, they would need to contain certain qualities. “A good ear for music” and an “aptitude for the fine arts” would put less focus on labor and include people that may be inclined to create innovations to become more efficient and advanced as time goes on. He also suggests that the members have “good manners of families” (194). I believe this to relate back to the relationship between the people. If the people are better mannered, this could lead them into living a more harmonious existence while living in the Phalanstery. All of the ideas that Fourier creates, he believes, would be ideal for the Phalanstery to become a successful utopian society. Focusing on being efficient and unified helps this society become more productive and more harmonious. Coming together to work as a team does not just help out single individuals but everyone living within this society.
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