Charles Hallousel Character Analysis Essay

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A unknown author once said “The past cannot be changed, forgotten, edited, or erased it can only be accepted.” Dwelling in the past and wishing it away, takes away from the beauty of the day. In the book something wicked this way comes by Ray Bradbury three characters, Jim Nightshade, Mrs. Foley, Charles Halloway, will all struggle with age acceptance. Jim had always desired the knowledge and wisdom of being an adult. When the carousel came to town Jim along many others were tempted to change their age. Jim soon realized he cannot cheat to and skip years to gain wisdom by using the carousel being the carousel would only physically change him. Jim’s desire to be older drove him to have a more adventurous take on the world: “Jim, Jim, come down! But Jim did not hear. Jim! And when Jim…show more content…
Due to his age he now has reduced mobility and a lack of energy. All he wants is to play ball with his son, to run around the town and be the good father he felt he never was. The end of chapter 46 stated, “ Charles Halloway, citizen, father, introspective husband, night-wander, and janitor of the town library.” (242) Charles was all of those things, and when he was in the mirror maze he finally realized that he is an adult, he has lived that much of his life, and to use the carousel and try to go back will not make him a different man but will only change his physical age. Jim Nightshade, Miss Foley, and Charles Halloway, all had a struggle accepting their age. Charles Halloway and Miss Foley both had felt they had messed up the past and wanted to erase and things that they had done in there life. Jim had always wanted to be older, wiser, and have the knowledge of an adult. At the beginning of the book all three of the characters did not accept their age but by the end of the book all three had learned that you cannot change your mental age. “Age is no barrier. It’s a limitation you put on your mind.”- Jackie
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