Charles Jones Narrative

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It was freshman year at Iowa State University and a freshman by the name of Charles Jones had just gotten the news that there would be an ugly sweater Christmas party the upcoming weekend. The first thought that popped into his mind, “Oh God what the Hell am I going to wear?” Frantically searching through his closet he realized he did not have such a thing. He knew was better than that and. He would never find what he was looking for in his perfectly organized dorm room. The place that would have one though? His father’s closet. This would be no easy task though, his father was not one to give out freebies and would not part with anything. No matter how miniscule the object. But if you know Charles, you know he gets what he wants.
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He was the first born son and went to a private Catholic school. His father made it very clear that his grades, and his religion were to be the main priority in his life, but as Charles grew older he realized that he wasn’t like the rest of the boys at his school, he was gay. That never stopped him from being his crazy self though, in Charles’ eyes he was perfect the way he was. So it came to no surprise that when he told his father about his newest discovery that he did not support it. Charles was named after his father so that way he could carry on the family name that had been based down from son to son in his family. Sadly, Charles realized that he would not be able to follow this tradition and from then on his father has shunned him and refuses to act the same around…show more content…
To this day he refuses to return the sweater just to spite his father and he still has no idea that Charles has it. I asked him why he hated his father so much and he responded sternly, “I like to think of our relationship as business deal. I’m more of a piece of property and I honestly do not remember the last time my father told me that he loved me or my siblings. He doesn’t even call or text me. He sends me emails and they are usually only for when he is mad at me or needs
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