Charles Krauthammer The Myth Of Settled Science Summary

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Whoever says science states facts isn’t saying the truth because science is always evolving and making new discoveries. Climate change is going to be a big concern, it’s going to cause a mass change in agriculture, the rising heat will affect farmers and how they grow crops. The burning toxic chemicals cannot lead to a positive outcome as well, it may rise health problems and create different types of dieses that’ll affect mankind. Science has its predictions, but how solid can these predictions be? “The Myth of ‘Settled Science.’” is an article written by Charles Krauthammer that addresses a different point of view on global warming. Krauthammer questions if what these scientists are saying is actually true or if it’s a way for them to manipulate the people. I agree with Krauthammer that not everything we are told about global warming is true, and that not everything can be blamed on global warming; however, I disagree that global warming is not happening.…show more content…
The lack of rain in California is causing a drought. Farms are being damaged and crops are dying. This change in weather might just be a phase or a heat wave or it might be something bigger. In an interview about what’s happening in California, Obama automatically blamed it on global warming. Krauthammer states that in a study on climate change it showed that California should get colder, not hotter. I agree with Krauthammer that we shouldn’t believe everything that we are told about global warming. I certainly believe global warming does exist, but I don’t believe that it’s the cause of the dryness in California due to what studies have
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