Charles Lindbergh: A Brief Biography

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The aviation pioneer I picked is Charles Lindbergh. I chose Lindbergh because he was the first pilot to make a solo transatlantic flight. By doing this, he made aviation history and furthered aviation significantly. He first started as a barnstormer, then later he enlisted in the Army and finish flight school as the top pilot in his class. On May 10-11 of 1927 he was testing his aircraft, The Spirit of St. Louis, by flying from San Diego to New York, with one stop at St. Louis. It took him about 20 hours and 21 minutes to cross the country, where he broke the transcontinental record. On May 20 1927 He took off from an airport near New York City named Roosevelt Field and landed at Le Bourget Field, an airfield near Paris. It took him 33 hours and 30 minutes. ( After Lindbergh’s long flight he helped the aviation industry and he also worked for different airliners to help them advance their airplanes. He helped the aviation industry by supporting Goddard 's experiments which they later came up missiles, satellites, and space travel. After the attack on Pearl Harbor he started working as a technical adviser and test pilot for the Ford Motor Company and United Aircraft Corporation. During 1944 he did 50 combat missions and…show more content…
Charles helped develop many aviation ?? He encouraged people to fly long and short haul flights, causing the economy to grow. He helped major companies and airliners build and decide which aircrafts to buy. He helped design one of the jets that changed the world,the Boeing 747, and convinced airlines to buy it. He started to help the US military with aircrafts and how to improve them. If Charles had never become a pilot or crossed the ocean, we would have probably not crossed the ocean. So the aviation world would not have become as powerful as it is now if it wasn’t for Charles

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