Charles Lindbergh Character Analysis

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Charles Lindbergh has been an inspirational character throughout my life. His life has inspired me because of his hard work, his bravery, and his skill as an aviator. He was born at a time when planes had barely flew and into a family that had no involvement in aviation. Even so, he pursued his dreams and became what he wanted to be. To me, that is what makes him such a role model in my life.
Lindbergh worked hard his entire life, but he especially did when he was fresh out of college. He dropped out of college to return to what he really loved, flying. Lindbergh became a wing walker and stuntman at fairs. After his time being a stuntman, he joined the Army Air Corps. This is when he really started working hard, so hard that he graduated first
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This trait in Charles Lindbergh is undeniable. He had shown natural talent with flying his whole life, starting with being a stuntmen at fairs. He got a chance to handle the controls of a plane while he was with the flying circus, and he loved it. Somebody can’t graduate first in their class as an Army Air Corps reserve without having incredible aptitude in the air. In the airmail, Lindbergh was one of the 25% of pilots that survived their careers in the airmail. This surely took skill and awareness while flying. The event in Charles Lindbergh’s life that took the most skill as a pilot was his flight across the Atlantic. He had to first manage the takeoff, which proved to be a problem for many pilots attempting the transatlantic flight. The actual flight was even more difficult. Lindbergh did not have a radio or any of the things that a pilot attempting such a flight would want, so instead he had to check his heading and change it every hour. His ability as a navigator was amazing, flying 3,600 miles and still landing precisely where he wanted. Lindbergh would keep demonstrating his skill as an aviator in WW2 and while he was an aviation consultant.
Charles Lindbergh was an iconic figure in past years, and remains a role model for many. The biggest reasons why he can be seen as a role model are because of his hard work, bravery, and skill as an aviator. He has inspired me to pursue my dreams and overcome obstacles in my

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