Charles Manson: A Serial Murderer

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Charles Manson was the creator, and leader of the “Manson Family” a cult that was formed during the late 1960s which included nearly one hundred active members. These members were made up of young adults from Manson’s neighborhood, and community, all of which shared the same beliefs and praised Charles believing he was a god. Manson along with the help of four of his most dedicated members, were responsible for the murders of the late actress Sharon Tate, and Leon LaBianca along with five others. Although the murders were committed the same day within a few hours of each other, he was considered to be a serial murderer. My reasoning for choosing Charles Manson to analyze was for the reasons being I would possibly like to become a forensic…show more content…
His mother Cathleen Maddox was had gone to prison several times for armed robbery, where Charles said he often visited her daily, and hoped to gain a connection with her. While his mother was away he lived with his aunt who set a strict religious and living environment for the young boy, which often caused him to rebel, and act out. Between 1942-47 Manson began lived with his mother, and many his mother’s assorted lovers. Being Unable to place him in a foster home, she allowed the courts to put him in an all-boys reform school. After running away several time to try and reunite with his mother, she denied him multiple times which triggered something in the young boy. Even as a younger individual, a teen, and in his middle Charles Manson was always running into trouble for a numerous amount of minor crimes such as armed robbery, and…show more content…
Although some might disagree, I believe Charles Manson characterizes as a secondary psychopath, for the reason being these types of psychopaths sometimes commit violent crimes due to emotional problems, or rejection. Referring back to what was mentioned previously about Manson’s mother who was very neglecting, textbook says it could have ultimately driven him to become a psychopath. Charles also may characterize as a criminal psychopath, for the reason being he was very manipulative, and he manipulated young individuals into doing his crime for him. Susan Atkins claims that he manipulate, those who are now his fellow members by telling them things that made them feel loved, and by putting them on drugs and making them believe everything he said was true. “He said he never lied because he loved us” this is a very common thing to find in psychopaths, because they have charming
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