Charles Murray Are Too Many People Go To College Summary

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The general argument made by author Charles Murray in his article, “Are too many people go to college,” is that the college is not necessary for everyone. More specifically, the Murray argues that students who went to school should have learned the core knowledge they will learn in the college. He writes, “ K-8 are the right years to teach the core knowledge, and the effort should get off to a running start in elementary school” (236). In this passage, Murray is suggesting that start teaching the core knowledge in elementary school until high school is better than to spend money and more time to the college. It is not important to go to college. In my opinion, I agree with Murray’s claim that four year college is not worth, job satisfaction for intrinsic reward, and the dark side of the Bachelor's degree. In my view, Murray’s is right, because college requires student to take 32 courses in four years or longer and not all courses are relate to the field they study with. More specifically, I believe that four years college will take more time to achieve our goal and knowledges doesn’t teach us how to make a living in our society. Murray described in his article, “More people should be getting the basic of a liberal education. But for most students, the places to provide those basics are elementary and middle school” (235). He argues that student should have already …show more content…

College teaching a lot knowledge, but is not useful in the real world. The bachelor's degree requirement reduces the opportunity to the real talent who does not go to college. We should get the job we want, no matter college or not. Job experience and skill are more important than the paper evidences that you have a bachelor’s degree. If you are one of the high school graduate student, you have know what you want to be in the future and pick the right path. College is not important to

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