Charles Perrault Bluebeard Theme Statement

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Wondrous adventures, mythical lands, a beautiful princess and a charming prince. These are the usual things that come to mind when we think of a fairy tale. Blue facial hair, stereotypically “weak” women, a room full of dead bodies! Yeah. These don’t exactly fit the stereotypical fairytale agenda. In the fairytale Bluebeard by Charles Perrault however, these are what the main points of the storyline are based on. Not exactly what you would like to be reading to your kids to put them to sleep is it? Thus, you should be able to see why I am arguing that the messages in Bluebeard are clearly outdated and not valid. These messages are: the fact that women are weak, and that marriage for money is acceptable.
In the story, the message that women are weak is portrayed multiple times over. One example of this can be seen when Bluebeard gives his wife keys to the rooms in the house before he leaves but forbids her to go into one particular room. Once he finds that she does, he condemns her to die at his hand. This
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Not that money should be the factor that attracts you to a person. In Charles Perrault’s Bluebeard, this is not the case. The village outcasts Bluebeard due to… well his looks and strange blue beard. It is only once a young woman is exposed to the wealth that he possesses that she starts to see him in a very different light. And we can see how that marriage works out… This is not the kind of message that you would want to embed into your child’s head. Of course, you don’t want them to think that life is just some dilly dally adventure with true love around every corner. Not at all. But it definitely isn’t going to help if they think that in order to be happy and to find love, they need to marry the wealthiest man around. This just further cements the fact that Bluebeard is not a valid fairy-tale for modern
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