Charles Robert Darwin And Darwin's Theory Of Natural Selection

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There have always been conflicting theories about Life and Evolution. Extensive research has been done on this. Theories evolve over time. The ideas are either altered or get reincarnated. Ideas supported by research are carried forward. Sometimes an element of an idea is unfathomable so it is recast. A theory by Charles Robert Darwin, a geologist and biologist, called “the theory of natural selection” puts to rest all questions about evolution of life and the happenstances around it. It states that a collection of similar individuals that can breed with each other are called species. Evolution, according to Darwin is a “slow and gradual, and endless” process. It also states that organisms are more prone to adapt in a specific environment and therefore reproduce and survive. What causes species to adapt and change in different environments is the theory of natural selection. This theory is supported by his small collection of fossils, observations and understating of breeding patterns. There are contradicting views to this theory which I will explore further in this essay, while analysing 5 texts. Darwin’s theory is widely believed but his claim is countered by others using coherent logic. An example of that is provided in text one, “evidence for and problems with Darwin’s theory” by Christian, Cynthia Strokes Brown and Craig Benjamin, published in the year 2014. The first minor claim to support my major claim is Darwin’s theory called Pangenesis. This theory states that
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