Charles Rock Road Monologue

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9100 St. Charles Rock Road
St. Louis, MO 63114
(314) 493-6100 There seems to be a problem by Travis Allen It 's 4:00 am, my bed feels something like a cloud but less wet, laying facing the ceiling wondering if I will ever serve as a greater purpose other than grow up, get a job, get married, have a nice family, then die, you know the usual, none the less it still scares me knowing that one day I will die and no one will remember me or that I ever existed. Feelings of sadness soon swarm my mind until the alarm clock suddenly went off at 4:30 am which could only mean one thing;
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I started to pick up my speed gradually,

hoping that the car wouldn 't either but luck

sure wasn 't on my side that morning, the car

shifted speeds as I did, which at this point I 'm

pretty sure we both knew that we were on to

each other so I cut to the chase and book it!

Lighting seemed like a turtle compared to me,

I ran so fast that I didn 't realize I was already

at the front steps of my school in 6 seconds.

Thoughts of fear and excitement paraded

through my body as I sat Twitching to tell

somebody about what I had just experienced

but then I remembered that the only friend I

really have at school is a boy named Joe and

our friendship doesn 't seem to extend outside

of lunch boundaries but I could wait a few

more hours to tell him about this unbelievable


Three hours go by and it 's time for lunch, as

I 'm as I 'm walking out of my English 11

language arts class to lunch I noticed that

everyone was looking my way in didn 't break

EYE contact til they were behind me, soon I

reached lunch and I sat to my regular lunch

table and waited for Joe to come but he

never came, soon soon as I figured he was

not going to come I began to dig into my

lunchbox picking at my
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