Charles Sobhraj Character Analysis

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The Tale of the bikini killer
BY Parthiv Patel
Imagine that yan can earn almost a million dollars for every year you spent in jail.
More indetail, suppose you could live like a king behind the walls of jail, in total control, with visitors ,friends, family free to come and go at any time, cellphones, TV, hotel food and wine to eat and drink. Would do you think about this?
For serial killer Charles Sobhraj, the idea of retirement to Paris and making $15 million for a movie based on Sobhraj he was in jail for murder charges. Charles a Vietnamese-Indian by birth and French by nationality by adoption.
He was a con artist, jewel thief, drug dealer and murderer, he lived his life with very adventure and i that made him a big media
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Flex helped Charles to get payroll, he got payroll and started living with Flex and again he started his criminal activity.
Charles came in contact with a women name Chantal, he proposed her to get married and they got engaged. One day he stoled a car to take Chantel to ride but he was caught by police and he was sent back to prison for eight months for stoling a car. Again his friend Flex helped Charles, Flex wrote a letter to judge advicing that Charles needs mendatory phychological conseling. He explain and prove to judge by pointing some Sobhraj’s behaviours.
At the time of his sentencing, Felix wrote a warning to the judge, advising that mandatory psychological counseling be part of any sentence. He explained his request by listing some of Sobhraj 's behaviors. He was released after eight months.
After he was released from jail Charles married to Chantal, Chantal got pregnant. On other hand Charles continued his burglaries because of some robberies police was searching him. Again he asked his friend Flex’s help, Charles stole his friend’s car and drive across Eastern Europe as police was looking for him. The cople use fake passport to cross borders and they robed many people on their way. They reached istambul and from there they fly to Bombay where Chantal gave birth to a baby
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