Charles Taylor Ethics Of Authenticity Summary

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I will use my personal interpretation to analyze and determine if I am against Charles Taylor opinion on what authenticity truly is. Taylor’s “Ethics of Authenticity” breaks down and focuses on what people do not consider important about authenticity and makes us even more aware of how this uncovered evidence is much more important than we realize. There are people who are struggling in today’s society with many different things, the most common issue that teenage and adults come in contact with is figuring out their path. I believe that everyone would love to get it right the first time and fall in love with what they are doing the first time around. People might find something that they only enjoy temporarily, but the goal is to be happy long term. If you are struggling with finding a calling in your life the people around you could have an influence on your life whether negative or positive. Listening to those around you could have more of an effect than you realize, over time it can alter your happiness listening to peers. The ultimate goal in life is to be happy long term and gain a sense of fulfilment while doing so. People struggle with moving in and out of situations that leave them unfulfilled and struggling to find happiness. The picture with the quote “be true to who you are” was a very relatable quote that I feel holds value to my life and what I stand for as a person. Being true to yourself means to me that you are going to be your own person and do what makes
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