Charles Taylor's The Politics Of Recognition

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Summary: Charles Taylor addresses the connection between identity and recognition within “The Politics of Recognition”. The need for individuals to understand who they are as an individual is key, society constructs a structure for individuals to abide by in order to create a like-minded society, but within each individual is an individuality that clashes with that oppressive structure. Taylor argues that one cannot be expected to live their life in a manner in which another specific individual would like them to, and therefore the only proper way for an individual to live their life is in a manner consistent with their own individuality Taylor argues for the necessity of language as well as human exchanges. It is through communication that we are able to express who we are to others, and we are crucially dependent on these communications in order to express to the world who we are. It is easy to wrongfully categorize that which is not us, and Taylor addresses the importance of recognizing and accepting the uniqueness not just within us but within others…show more content…
One’s identity crucially depends on being able to communicate with others, be it family members, acquaintances and so on, it is stated that our relationships help to fulfill us and contribute to our identity but do not define them. These exchanges with others are necessary in order to transfer over an accurate interpretation of who we are. It is known that societies come to give their own interpretations to describe groups of individuals which fall out of the realm of what they consider to be “like them” and with it provide a damaging image, in order to prevent a damaging or inaccurate interpretation of who we are then it is not only necessary to be able to communicate what substance lies within our identity, but to be acknowledge that originality and uniqueness within all
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