Charles Town Dbq Essay

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Reasons Charles Town Was Difficult to Settle When the New World was discovered it was nothing Europe had ever anticipated. Sir Robert Heath was given a grant by King Charles I to settle in an area which is today the Carolinas. Sir Robert heath never did accomplish this goal. He lost the grant from king Charles I due to the fact that he never succeeded. Soon King Charles II sent eight lord proprietors to settle where Robert Heath had failed. Eventually, these men did set up a colony. They called it Charles Town in honor of King Charles II. This colony wasn’t handed to them on a silver platter, though. They had to suffer hardships such as new never before seen terrain, vicious wildlife, and an unknown disease that would wipe out hundreds. Only the skilled and lucky survived in Charles Town The largest concern to most about settling in the New World was the unfamiliar land. Now that there was “new land” maps needed to be made. Cartographers, or mapmakers, needed to be taken to the New World to make maps for European settlers to follow. The map shown in Document A is very inaccurate. It shows the ocean on the wrong side of the state, St.Augustine, Florida is above South Carolina, and there is no land south of South Carolina. This would bring a set of challenges to anyone who tried to follow it.…show more content…
It still exists today as a booming touristic city. In the colonial times, the name Charles Town had to be earned. Settlers and explorers had to adjust to and conquer the unknown terrain, make use of the unknown and the ferocious and survive the what seemed like an incurable disease. Only the most hardworking, lucky survivalists could make the colony Charles Town the money maker and the early capital of South Carolina. So much history has happened in Charles Town or today’s Charleston. All because of the people who braved through all of the challenges just to have a city in their king’s honor and in the people’s
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