Charles Town Research Paper

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What Made it Hard to Settle Charles Town? Charles Town was a major development at the time owned by the mighty British Empire. They wanted to establish a settlement here because of the resources it had to offer. But, there were a number of problems that came with settling Charles Town.There was heavy competition between the other occupants of this area, which were natives and rival Spanish. The geography also made it hard for Charles Town to be settled. Pirates ruled the Salty waters of the coast and animals such as panthers and alligators could cause serious Problems. Smallpox also decreased the population and drove business away. So, most died because of these problems. Then, came the settlement of Charles Town. Geography was one of the reasons it was hard to…show more content…
This is another reason Charles Town was hard to settle. Natives and disease added to the struggle to settle Charles Town. The relationship between settlers and natives were often strained, and fighting would ensue. Natives would often vandalize settlements and settlers would settle native land. Smallpox was also a threat. One settler describes it as a “cloud over this province.” It drove off people and killed the people who stayed. It was also one of the major causes of the decline in the Native American population. There were definitely other kinds of diseases, but Smallpox was the most common. Both of these problems made it hard to settle Charles Town. So, why was Charles Town hard to settle? Geography, resources, natives and made it hard to establish. The geographical features could often be difficult to navigate. The resources such as rice or indigo could suffer from a bad growing season, causing farm owners to lose money. The wildlife in the area could also be a problem, as most were beasts of prey. Natives would often cause trouble and vandalize settlements. Diseases were trouble, as they could kill. But with a can do attitude, the city of Charles Town was
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