Charles V. Ford's Autumn Orchards

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Passion, affection, dedication, desire, devotion, dedication and sentiment all basically mean the same thing. Passion is a powerful or even compelling emotion that can drive you to do foolish things. Was there ever a point in your life that you had this burning passion that it could have forced you would do anything to have it? Well in the poem “Autumn Orchards,” by Charles V Ford is about Ford when he was younger and how he would walk through the orchards and just relax. Once he grows up he now sneaks into his neighbor’s yard to continue walking through the orchards. Just as the text “Langston Hughes: Poet of the People” by Sylvia Kamerman explains how passionate Langston Hughes was about writing up to the point that he would trick his…show more content…
When he was young he would admire the hush, organization and stillness of the orchards. “I remember lines of bare still tree… sense of warmth when my thoughts wander back,” (Ford 1,2). Charles Ford’s affection for the orchards of his youth are still remembered when he thinks back to the days of his youth when and where he would be able to let loose. “A perfect hush and reverence amongst the solid trunks that spanned these fields.” (Ford 5). Ford deeply appreciates the calmness of the orchards and the orderliness of the trees, how they expand for so long with nothing out of place. “The smell of burning almond brush in autumn will forever be a comfort solace to me.” (Ford 14). As said before, Ford loves everything about orchards, he can relax and unwind, the smell can take his thoughts to a time where most things felt quiet, plain and simple. “Old and grey now, but still I’ll steal off by myself into a neighbor's neat and tidy orchard.” (Ford 17). This goes to show that no matter how old you get, if you are truly passionate about something you will be deeply emotionally affected by it. Therefore, Charles V Ford will never stop enjoying taking a stroll through an
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