Charleston Southern Case Study

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Charleston Southern University is a private Christian university in South Carolina. The university is at the very young age of fifty-two years old. As you may have guessed due to the age, the schools athletic programs are still building themselves up as well. In the past couple of years the programs have dramatically improved. What has not improved as much as it should have are the universities athletic facilities. While the school is smaller it can still look good and many believe that if the university were to put more money into building up the facilities then it would drawl in a higher caliber of student athletes. Athletes bring in the most money to universities so shouldn 't they be rewarded with great facilities. Athletic programs bring…show more content…
Winning multiple conference titles in the past couple of years should have shown to the president that he needs to upgrade our facilities. Multiple upgrades could be made for every sport. Football should be given a much larger stadium now that they have won conference and beat Coastal Carolina who will be moving up to the Sun Belt Conference. When I say larger stadium I refer to the seating the field itself is very nice but there is hardly any seating and when you go to the games its very crowded. Another thing is our band and you may be asking yourself how does that affect our football well when it is half-time people want a show and our band is at times very plain and they should be given proper band uniforms not just polos and kakis. Soccer should have a more enclosed field as well as more seating. Baseball whom already have a very nice field should as well have an upgrade in the seating and the bullpens and hitting facilities. Softball needs many upgrades in seating, bullpens, hitting facilities, and our fences. Basketball and volleyball deserve to be given a larger gym to play on that includes more seating. These changes do not have to be made all at once but if they were done in the next couple of years that would be very
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