Feminist Criticism Of International Law And Women

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The Journal, “Feminists of International Law and Their Critics”, by Hilary Charlesworth seeks to address the relationship of women and international human rights law. This journal also tell about feminist critiques of International law.
This Journal consists of four parts which are the first part is about Feminist Criticism of International law that in this part according to feminist analysis of International law has divided in to two major roles which are deconstructive and reconstructive.
Second part of journal is the incoherent critique. Third part is about the essential critique. The last part of this journal is feminist critiques of International Human Rights law.
According to Rebecca Grant in this journal, feminist theory has evolved
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Realists and liberals assume that men and nations are exclusive of each other and independently of, but in fact the political powers have been separated to form a partially understanding that the political world rely on political actors rational men and the release of women (True, 2001). While on the other hand, according to analysts' feminist, 'good state' and the international community must recognize the rights of women in a variety of contexts, including in the context of diplomatic relations between the countries to a free market in the context of international…show more content…
While the lack of this journal is a lack of examples of this discussion. Besides the lack of perspective in further discussion of international law. As theories of International Relations before, Feminism is not free from criticism. Feminism was considered too focused on women's issues which should focus on equality. But overall this journal provide information of interest to feminist criticism in international law itself
It can be concluded that sex and gender differences is important to show where the God-given and construct society. God-given is the provision of equality of women and men. While people shape gender inequality pose for one person. This causes the system of power in which the privileged men over women. Feminism is a wave of criticism as a new theory. However, the author would like to emphasize that the presence of feminism brought "freshness" to the realm of international

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