Charley Edwards Character Analysis

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Without ever uttering a single word, Charley Edwards possibly had the greatest positive and negative effect on Paul in the story Paul’s Case. Charley Edwards is a teen performer at the local theater, and Paul’s love interest. In one paragraph, Charley made Paul the happiest boy in the world; but in the next Paul became even more alone than he had ever been. How can the man, who never verbalizes a word, have such a profound and life altering impact on Paul? Doubtlessly Paul’s only friend, Charley Edwards creates a protective atmosphere within his dressing room for Paul. Because of his homosexual tendencies Paul has forever felt alienated from the world. But within the confines of Charley’s room, all the fear fades away to bliss. Eventually, it becomes evident that Charley exhibits mirroring tendencies of Paul. Quickly, we begin to question whether this is simply a friendship or if it is something more. Obviously, the two spend ample amount of time together, and Charley even allows Paul to dress him. Paul has found the one person in his life, that makes him feel at home and safe. Paul feels like he is too happy for anybody in this world to bring him down, his world then suddenly resembles that of a comet thrown out of orbit. Engulfed in flames, heading…show more content…
He was the only other boy that Paul had ever met that was like him. Charley was everything Paul wished for, and for a short time was riding his unicorn through fields of cotton candy and over the rainbow, when it abruptly met hellfire and brimstone. When Charley agreed to never see Paul again, the safe haven he had fashioned vanished, and again he was alone in the universe. Paul had been stripped of the one person, who he had ever cared for; sadly leading to his depressing demise. Never speaking a single word, Charley Edwards was able to have to drastic effects on Paul. The first created Paul’s favorite place to be in the world, and the second ended with his
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