Charley Goddard's Contribution In The Civil War

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This one page explanatory essay citing evidence is about Charley Goddard. Charley was born May 14, 1845 in Lewisburg union county Pennsylvania.Charley fought in the civil war. When charley went to war he was actually only 15 years old and the minimum age was 18 but with your parents permission you could be 17. Charleys mom did not want charley to go to war but he did anyway. Charley a minnesota farm boy was in war. There was a point in the war when everyone thought charley was shot but in fact he was not shot it was the rebels blood all over him. The people he was with was out numbered by rebel soldiers but charley did not give up he just got ready and killed a bunch of rebel soldiers and got blood all over him. Charley battled at a bunch
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