Theme Of Justice In Dante's Inferno

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The well-known book, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory and also the classic Dante’s Inferno upon review do not seem to be written similarly. But, by using the theme of “what goes around, comes around” for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, saying that the greedy, sinful children ultimately got what was coming to them. And “the perfection of God’s justice” for Dante’s Inferno, saying that the punishment for the sinners is so ironic and was the perfect justice. The connection becomes more evident. It could be argued that they share the same concept of using justice for a crime needs to fit as a main plot point. A similarity I noticed between Inferno and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is placing characters the the main protagonist places highly in compromising situations. Augustus Gloop, an obese slob who is also the first golden ticket winner, was celebrated, “the town in which Augustus Gloop lived, the newspaper said, had gone wild with excitement over their hero. Flags were flying from all the windows, children had been given a holiday from school, and a parade was being organized in honour of the famous youth,” (Dahl 16). After this celebration, Gloop was the first…show more content…
By comparing similar themes at the beginning, to escaping Hell and Wonka’s Factory at the end of both stories. The justice in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory isn’t obviously pointed out, but is all ironic, like Dante’s Inferno. With Augustus (Gluttony) getting falling into a chocolate river and getting sucked up the chocolate pump or Veruca Salt (Greed) wanting to get a trained squirrel and getting dragged down the garable drain by the same squirrels, is the same kind of ironic elements used in Dante’s Inferno furthering the argument of them using the same theme elements. If even a child’s book can have a similar theme and several major comparisons with a book like Dante’s Inferno, what else
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