Charlie And The Chocolate Factory Psychological Analysis

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Almost everyone in a modern society get in touch with movies, not only at the cinemas but also on TVs. To some extent, movies reflect on our real life or stand for our hope and dreams. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is one of my favorite films. There are several characters that contribute much to the plot, while not all are positive roles. In this essay, I will analyze this interesting movie with some performance psychological concepts.
This film was adapted from Roald Dahl’s novel of the same name written in 1964. Willy Wonka owned a chocolate factory which produces the most popular chocolate all over the world. But no one had ever seen people go into or out from that factory. One day Wonka launched a batch of chocolate among which there were 5 chocolate bar containing a golden ticket to the mysterious factory. 5 children including Charlie showed different characteristics in the journey. After observing 5 children, Wonka wanted Charlie to succeed in his factory. Then Charlie dug out Wonka’s trouble childhood and helped repair his relationship with his father.
Main characters
Willy Wonka: The present owner of the chocolate factory; has a trouble past with his dentist father and thus resists “family”.
Charlie Bucket: A child from a big, warm but not so rich family. He bought only a bar of chocolate and got
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As long as others refused her, she would curl her lips and tilt her head. In contrast, Veruca Salt got the ticket because her father made his whole peanut factory a temporary chocolate bar shelling factory. She was so spoiled that she asked for a trained squirrel vexatiously and was considered as a “bad nut”. Having gone through a disaster with her father, Veruca still asked for a flying elevator and pouted and turned her face around in annoyance when her father
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